Fee Schedule

Fees Are Effective As of December 1st, 2018

Money Order$2.00
Non-sufficient funds item (each)$30.00
Non-sufficient funds (ACH)$30.00
Overdraft fee$30.00
Stop payment fee (All items)$30.00
Stop Payment fee (Senior checks)$5.00
Copy of Share Draft check$5.00
Copy of Money Order check$5.00
Copy of Bank check$5.00
Copy of Statement$5.00
Research Fee- per hour$25.00
Passbook replacement$10.00
Replacement of ATM / Debit Card$10.00
Share Draft Monthly Service Charge
on balances under $200.00
Abandoned Property fee$30.00
 Tax Levy 50.00
Undeliverable Mail fee$1.00 /mo
 Foreign Check Collection$10.00
Inactive Account fee (per year) No activity in 360 days$6.00
Club accounts early withdrawal fee (and interest earned)$10.00
Wire Transfer (Incoming)$20.00
Wire Transfer (Outgoing)
International Wire Transfer (Incoming)$15.00
International Wire Transfer (Outgoing)$45.00
Accounts closed within 90 days$10.00
Fax (USA)$1.00
Cashier's Checks (Bank Check) 3 checks free per month$2.00
Return Check$30.00
Late fee$30.00
Over limit fee$30.00
Copy of draft$5.00