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Payroll Deduction & Direct Deposit
Two of the most popular benefits of Credit Union membership are payroll deduction and direct deposit.

Payroll Deduction
With Payroll Deduction an automatic deposit can be made each payday to Savings, Checking and Christmas Club.

Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit of your paycheck or government check is deposited to your savings or checking accounts only. Note: Direct deposit must be provided by your employer to select it as an option.

Money Orders
You may purchase money orders in any denomination up to $1000.00

Bank By Mail
For your convenience, envelopes with postage are provided so that you may handle your deposits and loan payments by mail.

Direct Payment
Loan or mortage payments may be paid automatically from your checking or savings account.

Travelers Checks
For your next trip enjoy the convenience and saftey of American Express Traveler’s Checks.

Notary Public
We offer Notary Public service to our members free of charge.

Savings Bonds
You may purchase savings bonds at the credit union.

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