Santo Christo Federal Credit Union


 Free Checking 

With a minimum deposit of $200.00
Santo Christo FCU offers a single, simple solution for your checking needs. Transaction limits,
tiered fees and dividends earned monthly.

Unlimited check-writing
Unlimited lobby and drive-thru deposits and withdrawals
No-fee Visa debit card 
Regular Share Savings

Share Account

A Share Account works just like a regular savings account. A Santo Christo FCU share account is an easy way to save and it pays competitive dividends.

A deposit of $25.00 is all it takes to open the Share Account. $25.00 is deposited to your account.
A balance of $100.00 or more will earn dividends.
Dividends are calculated on the Average Daily Balance and monthly.
For current rate information check out our Rates.


Christmas Club Savings

Start early start now, it is a great time to open a Christmas Club account for next years holiday season.
Depositing once or depositing regularly to a Christmas Club Account at Santo Christo FCU helps you save money during the year for Christmas gift giving, a winter vacation or something special for yourself. A Christmas Club Account earns the same rate as a savings account.

Safeguard your long-term savings today. Investing in a share certificate ensures a stable rate of return and gives you peace of mind you deserve.
For available terms and rate information, please contact SCFCU 508 673-9210.

Teach or learn the value of savings with our Children's Account!
Specifically designed for our members under the age of 18.


Santo Christo Federal Credit Union has a mortgage department dedicated exclusively to providing affordable loans for the purchase, or refinance, of your home. 
With the wide and confusing variety of mortgage products now available to you, let our mortgage specialists tailor the proper mortgage loan to meet your individual needs and financial situation.

Available for pre-qualification!

Some features and benefits of SCFCU mortgage are:
  • Pre-approved mortgage loans
  • Fixed-rate and Variable-rate products
  • Flexible terms from 10 to 30 years


New & Used Vehicle Loans
loans approved  are determined by individual credit worthiness and length is at the discretion of the loan officer and the amount financed. Proof of value is determined by the Kelly blue book value guides.

Unsecured Personal Loans 
No collateral is required. Amount of loan determined by individual credit worthiness.

Debt Consolidation

 A Debt Consolidation Loan Can Help Give You Valuable Financial Breathing Room
Now you can lower your current monthly payments on credit cards…car loans…store accounts…or any other high-interest debt.  It’s easy to build extra room into your monthly budget with a Debt Consolidation Loan.

You’ll feel better by eliminating the hassles and headaches of sending multiple checks each month. You’ll have only one convenient monthly payment. And you could even free up extra money each month to spend however you’d like!

Share Secured Loans
With a Share Secured Loan, the amount of the loan is secured by your Share Account. A Share Secured Loan is an excellent way to build credit. For the duration of the loan, shares remaining in an account must at least equal the outstanding loan balance and cannot be withdrawn. As the loan is paid off, fewer shares are required for collateral, making more shares available to you. Although shares are used as collateral, they continue to earn dividends.


VISA Debit Cards

VISA Debit Cards also functions as your ATM card
 Pay like a credit card with funds withdrawn from your share draft (checking) account
No finance charges or annual fees
Accepted worldwide wherever VISA is honored
Pay with your checking account without writing a check
All purchases are itemized on your statement
You can make point-of sale transactions at stores, gas stations, restaurants and other merchants that accept VISA






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